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We deliver fully customized business software and services

We Build Tailored Business Software

Innovative solutions that pave the way to the future

At JB Software we focus on making a difference through carefully designed software that models your business perfectly. We want to have software working for you. Do away with your cumbersome and inefficient processes, most importantly save time and money.

From single purpose mobile apps to full-fledged corporate portals and everything in between. We build business software that is developed with years of expertise and knowledge. Coupled with a smart game plan, our team ensures a smooth transition to your new app. We fully support our apps, modifications can be carried out quickly and with ease.

Engineered for Excellence

Our goal is to not only provide software but the entire solution. Furthermore, we will work closely with you to gauge exactly what you’re looking for and how innovation can make a difference. Let custom business software do the heavy lifting while you spend time providing the best for your customers.

Bring Your Next Great Idea To Life

Innovative business software starts with a clear objective

Not all ideas are born out of thin air. Matter of fact many are the product of pure inconvenience. No matter how unconventional your idea is, we’ll build a solution your business can count on for success.

We help businesses and entrepreneurs turn their innovative and even downright silly ideas in to effective solutions. In addition, we’ll use our multi-industry expertise to refine the idea into a robust design. Regardless of the complexities of your idea, we know how to improve it.

3rd Party Logistics

Better serve your customers. Grow faster. Report in real-time.


Streamline your transactions and increase efficiency.


Devise a plan to prevent intrusion and attacks.

Internet of Things

Reshape the way you interact with the world around you.

We will help you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver business outcomes.

Services We Provide

We are positioned to deliver high end software services at a great price

Software Engineering

Our engineering services include the development of web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps. We do cloud migrations and API integrations.


We design dynamic and great looking web sites with WordPress. We create feature rich user interfaces using the latest in web technologies.


We'll answer your questions and help you build out your companies tech. We do SEO, marketing and consult on the setup of mission critical software.

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