Software Consulting

You have questions, we have answers. Ask us about how to approach your next project or which business solution is right for you.

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Business Services

SEO, marketing, social media, mission critical software.

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Proof of Concept

Cost effective concept validation and development.

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App Development

Android, iOS, Windows. Web apps and server software.

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We Will Help You

Get information

Ask us just about anything. We have years of knowledge in full stack software development. Ask us how to approach your next project.

Design a product

We will combine our creative thinking and multi-industry expertise to come up with an innovative design.

Solve problems

Our team is able to take a more deep-rooted approach to solving problems. We aim to future-proof our solutions.

Improve security

Ask us how your current applications and IT infrastructure can benefit from the latest security standards.

Reliable Consulting You Can Bank On

Honest advice from experienced professionals

We have been offering advice on software projects for years. Not only do we have a diverse portfolio but the first hand experience launching several apps. Our advice is sound however it may not be the only way to get things. We’ll discuss options then make recommendations.

We want to help you make educated decisions

Our objective is to offer all the help you need to make educated decisions. Critical decisions that may influence your business for years to come. After all, nobody knows your business better than you. We’ll help you be informed before you invest.

Do You Need Software Consulting?

The road ahead is not always straight

There are lots of things that can go wrong with software. They range from a single point of failure to inconveniences and slowdowns. Problems that negatively affect your business. These problems often mean large amounts of wasted time and money. These are the common issues we consult on:

In planning

In development

In implementation

Be prepared for your next project. Consult with the pros.

What We Do

Software consulting.
Software security consulting.
Product design consulting.
Deployment consulting.

We offer very specific help about how to approach a software problem. Larger consulting companies provide full blown solutions. However the cost is quite high and it’s not viable for small companies. Our objective is to provide a cost effective way to seek advice. We’ll address the problem head on.

Afraid of the multitude of attacks you might be facing? Been burned before? You’re not alone. We’ll answer your questions on security. After that, we’ll direct you to the resources you’ll need to protect your business.

Product design can be tricky to get right. We have the expertise to offer sound advice. Deliverables include design diagrams, user flow charts, pseudo code, etc. In the end, you’ll run into less snags and problems.

We provide advice on how to deploy apps to the cloud or a company domain. Advice for IT admins as well as developers. How to automate the process and save time.

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