Proof of Concept

Validate your idea or design with our Proof of Concept development. A reduced cost, reduced features life cycle meant to prove an idea works.

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App Development

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Get answers to your questions from our expert team.

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We Will Help You

Validate your idea

We will help you determine if your idea can be taken to the next level. Specifically, we will look at what problem your product solves and offer recommendations how to refine the design.

Predict success

Intelligently analyze the data and feedback post PoC development. After that, we'll deliver an in-depth report and our recommendations for your idea.

Get feedback

Have your PoC tested by real people with differing degrees of technical knowledge. We will of course orchestrate a brief review campaign.

Develop faster

Without a doubt you'll have a head start in moving to a full development cycle. As a result, your new application will be quick to market or deployment.

A Proof Of Concept To Get Hands-On Exposure

The PoC is the first step in the rapidly changing world of innovation

You’ll be able to identify gaps in your design and how it affects your products short and long term. Generally, an effective proof of concept is like a window into the future for your idea. You’ll get a general idea of how your idea measures up to the market.

Our team will put together a bare bones application with the minimum requirements implemented (MVP). However, this is far from production ready. By comparison, it’s a great way to test new ideas before moving forward with the investment.

Cost Effective

Cheaper than the application development life cycle. No polish. Nothing fancy. Just enough to showcase your brilliant idea.

Fast Results

Quickly get answers to your questions. Get the jump on a great idea and be first to market. As such, we waste no time on your project.

Gain Exposure

NDA backed reviews will be done by a diverse set of individuals with diverse skill sets. This part, however, will be limited in capacity.

Proof Of Concept Vs Application Development

Is the Proof of Concept service right for you. Let's compare.

The proof of concept development cycle provides the cheapest way to get an idea off the floor. However the app will be not ready for the market, far from in fact. On the other hand, application development provides a very polished, complete solution though at a higher cost. In any event, you’ll having a top notch team working with you.

Proof of Concept

Application Development

Minimize risk on new business ideas and effectively gauge the market.

What We Do

Proof of concept research phase.
Proof of concept build phase.
Proof of concept acceptance phase.

Before we move ahead with your big idea we’ll take a look at the market. Specifically competition apps and companies. After that, we’ll dissect the idea to determine it’s viability. Next, we’ll look to make improvements on apps already in the market.

All of the design work will be done by our team. In light of this, we’ll get your input on the design then let our engineering team take over. We’ll work quickly to get your idea off the floor and create something usable. Consequently, development will be faster and costs will be reduced.

The PoC will be reviewed by several people that know what to look for. However, reviewing for completeness will be skipped in favor of the core logic and design. In the end, the project will be ready for the application development cycle.

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