Cloud Integration

Scale your IT services as your business grows with our cloud integration service. The choice to integrate with the cloud is clear.

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We Will Help You

Reduce IT costs

Eliminate major bills and operational costs associated with maintaining servers on premises. For example, it's very costly to stay on top of the latest security trends. Not to mention the power and bandwidth required to run the servers.

Scale your business

Easily add more computing potential to your existing cloud infrastructure as your business grows. No full server rooms, no balancing resources. As a result, you'll be able to grow your business without increasing tech costs.

Become more agile

Add, edit or remove business services easily without having to worry about the additional hardware to back it. Gain the flexibility to spin-up several instances to satisfy a predicted increase in traffic. Split up your monolith servers into small more manageable ones.

Improve security

Leverage the resources provided by a cloud service provider. Benefit from a team regularly maintaining servers and upgrades to their underlying IT infrastructure. Most importantly, this is transparent to the customers and part of the price.

Cloud Integration Using World Class Platforms

Let us make your cloud integration go smoothly without breaking the bank

What’s right for your business? Should you go for an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or a Platform as a Service (PaaS)? What are the differences? Many things dictate how you’ll approach your cloud integration. Our team will break it down for you and make recommendations. In particular, we’ll advise for features, cost, and convenience.

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
Cloud Foundry

Cloud Or On-Premises

Should you explore cloud integration if your business already runs on servers?

This is a tough choice and for many this would be a major business choice. However, the absolute main reason to integrate with the cloud is cost savings. In the end, you know your business better than anyone else. We’ll help you decide.



Join thousands of companies worldwide who have already made the switch.

What We Do

Cloud integration assessment phase.
Cloud integration migration phase.
Cloud integration optimization phase.
Cloud integration support phase.

We will analyze your business’s current infrastructure to identify optimizations. However not all software is created to be hosted in the cloud. We’ll identify where code needs to be changed or optimized. After that, we’ll identify the best solution for your business.

A detailed plan will be devised in-house that will minimize disruption to your business. The migration or integration will begin, we’ll run your apps in the cloud and begin compatibility checks. In due time, the infrastructure will be up and running, after that we’ll help you make the switch.

Savvy choices will save major money. We’ll look to reduce cost, increase speed and stability, not to mention harden security. In the end, we guarantee your cloud will be clean and organized.

Things will be new for your business and we’ll be there to help. For a small additional cost we will maintain your cloud, setup monitoring if needed, scheduled updates. Your business’s cloud will require much less maintenance than an on-premise setup.

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