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Internet of Things

Take hold of the next generation of wireless computing. Join forces with smart devices and realize your operational future. Join the Internet of Things revolution!

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App Development

Android, iOS, Windows. Web apps and server software.

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Web Design

Carefully crafted web sites that will bring in new customers.

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Business Services

SEO, marketing, social media, mission critical software.

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We Will Help You

Create intelligent devices

Use data from onboard sensors, location or time to deliver better service to your users. Devices that act upon gathered data to make choices to how to deliver a better user experience.

Improve quality of life

Save time and money. Convenience and well-being are the center points of a well designed IoT device. We strive to make a difference in your users lives.

Respond quickly

Get a step ahead and be alerted the second a problem occurs. Monitor your business in real time and never skip a beat. Most importantly, catch problems before they escalate.

Reduce costs

One the greatest benefits of IoT is the long term reduction of cost. Daily tasks made easier means less human error. Your business will work smarter and save money.

Unleash the Power of Internet of Things

Smart devices that people can rely on

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have the potential to aid people in ways never seen before. Specifically, devices that have a major impact on your business’s operations. Internet of Things create new business opportunity through new capabilities. With years of experience in the fundamentals behind IoT, we’ll help you create a device that prioritizes security, scalability and reliability. In addition to the software, we strive to offer services at every step. Below are ways we can help you reach your goal.

Hardware Outsourcing

We’ll work with several engineering companies to spearhead the development of the hardware required. With attention to detail and cost, we’ll start with a prototype.

Cloud Setup

Your new IoT device will connect to a cloud, we recommend a major platform for security and scalability. Complex jobs are offloaded to server leaving things fast.

API Integration

Make your device available to platforms designed to get the most out of IoT. For example, connect to Alexa or Google Home. Integrate with other smart devices.

We Thrive on Wild IoT Ideas

Iot ideas that shape our future for years to come

Innovation is what drives great designs. Taking the plunge and attempting something new. We are no stranger to wild ideas and we firmly believe it’s these ideas that pave the road to the future. Internet of Things is a great way put innovation into the hands of people around the world.

Convenience, wellness, ease, time-saving. The future of IoT is now!

What We Do

Internet of Things smart home
Internet of Things smart speaker
GPS and location based services
Internet of Things cloud computing

The potential is massive for IoT devices to improve interaction with our homes. We build apps that allow users to get the most out of their home automation devices. Schedules, timers, user location can all be used to create smart devices and apps.

IoT devices are great however the next level is the ability to use your voice. Speak commands or ask for help. We’ll build a voice actuation layer that leverages popular voice services provided by Amazon and Google.

Using a phone’s GPS and clever algorithms, we can build an app that uses your location to enhance your experience. For example, help warehouse pickers optimize their routes. Or automatically turn off devices when you leave home.

We’ll build a backend app that will effectively gather data from devices in the field and act upon it in an intelligent way. All your server-to-device, device-to-server and device-to-device communication will be efficient, secure and robust. A real time dashboard will help you make critical decisions. We’ll ensure you can manage your devices in the field.

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