Application Development

Our custom application development will takes your business to the next level. Be prepared for the future ahead.

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Proof of Concept

Cost effective concept validation and development.

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Cloud Integration

Reduce major IT costs, move your apps to the cloud.

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Business Services

SEO, marketing, social media, mission critical software.

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We Will Help You

Refine your idea

It all starts with an idea. More specifically, a solution to a business problem. We want to know the target user and your long term outlook. We'll validate your vision and get insight how to refine the design.

Realize your vision

Achieve what you've been putting off. Realize your business's operational future and put technology to work for you. Significantly improve your business through software that perfectly suits your business's needs.

Achieve long-term success

Future-proof your business processes and become more flexible. Meanwhile you'll save money and gain peace of mind. Not to mention the cost of additions will be greatly mitigated. Be prepared for what the market throws at you.

Scale with confidence

Scaling a business can be difficult. That is to say from a technical standpoint. Leave it to us to create applications that scale with ease and low cost. If you're looking for a replacement solution, you'll want to ensure it's scalable.

Business Grade Application Development

We deliver a complete solution built from ground up

We focus on creating software that optimizes businesses at every level. Our objective is to reduce your operational costs through carefully crafted business software. With attention to your requirements and real world scenarios, we’ll create an effective solution your company can rely on for years. We understand the hesitation to move to a new system. In particular, the hardships not software related. For example, users might need some degree of training. We provide usage documentation so you’re ready on day one.

Latest Tech

We’ll use the best technologies currently available. Meaning we deliver very specific and precise solutions. Solutions to complex business problems.

Full Stack Development

Mobile, desktop, web and more. End to end application development with proven processes. Our ability to optimize at every layer means cost savings for you.

Continual Support

Applications are built with upgrades and additions in mind. Most importantly, as your business grows, we’re here to help with your future needs.

When innovation comes knocking, will you answer?

Application Development For Multiple Platforms And Purposes

Mobile app your users will love

Android Development

Our recommended prototyping and market entry platform. The Android SDK has the tools and flexibility to do almost anything. We use modern Android technologies to create rich apps. For example Google Play Billing, Google Cast, Android TV, Android Auto and WearOS apps.

iOS Development

The most stringent mobile operating system. iOS has the security backing at the hardware and software level jointly. Of course the app needs to be approved by Apple. Leave that to us. We use modern iOS technologies such as In-App Purchases, WatchOS, tvOS, ARKit and SiriKit.

Web and desktop apps that run your business

Windows Development

The .NET framework have been a staple in the business software world for many years. As such, we have a long history of redesigning your apps with major improvements. Specifically apps that are optimized and backwards compatible. Not to mention being securely deployed in a company domain.

Web Development

Corporate portals, mobile back-end services, RESTFUL API's and so much more. In a few words, if the logic should run on a server, we have an idea how to best implement it. Our business grade web apps are built using proven technologies. And of course security will be a top priority.

Business Intelligence

Gain insight how to improve. Analyze your data in an intelligent way. With this resource, you can make predictions that will save you time and money. Report in real time. Print beautiful reports or export to excel. For the most part, a basic admin panel will be included in most server side projects.

WordPress Development

Statistically WordPress powers nearly 1/3 of all sites worldwide. For this reason we build custom plugins and themes. In general, we can add features to your site through a custom plugin or theme. Moreover, we can integrate with your other business services. A seamless yet convenient solution.

A Streamlined Way Of Doing Things

Modern processes are embraced in our application development

Sound methodologies coupled with proven practices are the backbone to high quality application development. As such we’ll use our years of knowledge and expertise to tackle the challenge of your project. Ultimately, our objective is to deliver a high quality application at a great price. To make that happen, we’ll use use your time and money wisely.

Our application development service is flexible yet comprehensive

Timely updates. Flexible development. Lower costs. We take a practical approach to DevOps. Meaning engineers, designers, team leads and customers can work together in harmony. All the while remaining agile enough for late stage changes. Equally important is timing of releases. We strive to deliver frequent updates instead of monolith changes. As a result, the impact on your operations is smaller. Which usually means a happier client.

What We Do

Application development design phase.
Application development phase.
Application development testing phase.
Application development deployment phase.

We’re going to live and breath your project. First, we’ll get to know your business. Secondly, we’ll work with you until the design is just right. Even more if the design is complex. Finally, our expert team will devise a game plan.

Our team will begin development using the latest software technologies. In addition, sound coding practices and thorough processes will be followed. Of course security and user experience will be at the forefront. In most cases, the project will have a dedicated team lead to oversee all aspects of development.

Testing will begin after the initial implementation. Typically, it will occur in multiple rounds. In between refinements to the project then another larger beta test. In short, we place great care in our testing.

We’ll deploy the finished product to the hosting provider of your choice. Though we recommend a cloud based platform. Specifically AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. And of course we’ll deliver the documentation before deployment. All in all, you will be ready to go live.

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