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Voice Software

The voice layer for your product or service. Provide a new way for your users to get the most out of your products with dependable voice software.

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App Development

Android, iOS, Windows. Web apps and server software.

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Web Design

Carefully crafted web sites that will bring in new customers.

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Business Services

SEO, marketing, social media, mission critical software.

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Add Convenience And Ease Of Use

Treat your customers to next level convenience

Products and services nowadays are being offered with the ability to control them through voice. This make things easy for your customer. Simply put, when it’s easy to use your product it gets used more frequently. As a result, we build reliable voice services designed specifically for your users.

A command based or ubiquitous approach to speech recognition

The goal of our voice software is to directly make the lives of your users easier. For that to happen, the right tool must be used to accomplish the goal. We’ll use of years of experience with voice software to devised a solution you’ll be confident in.

The Wild West Of Voice Software

Speech recognition can be handled in different ways

In order to have a result that makes sense, a viable voice recognition solution must be used. We will evaluate your requirements and choose a solution that will yield the best user experience. Typically clients are surprised how effective the right solution can be.

Cloud based

3rd party support to provide cloud based speech recognition. For example, Google Speech API, IBM Watson API or

Platform SDK

Built-in support from the Android and iOS SDK. Speech-to-text for simple use cases and limited commands.


Devices not connected to the internet can benefit from voice recognition that resides only on the device.

Alexa Voice Services

Make your product available to Alexa

Amazon has provided the world with a wonderful voice API to tap into. Named Alexa Voice Services (AVS), it allows products with a microphone and speaker to hook into their massive ecosystem. Recently, we have built an SDK that directly addresses the complexities of this task when building an Android app. We have worked with AVS since it’s inception and know many of the finer details.

Add a voice layer to take usability and convenience to the next level.

What We Do

Voice software applications.
Voice software devices.
Voice software integration.

We’ll develop the voice layer for your Android or iOS app. This will allow the user to perform an action with their voice instead clicking on the screen. What’s more, a wake word can be setup to begin recognizing your speech. Robust and proven dependancies will be used.

We’ll enable voice commands for your device. Tell your device to do something, particularly in several different ways. From local speech recognition to a more ubiquitous streaming approach. The design largely depends on the OS and code running your embedded application.

Take speech recognition to the next level by integrating with one of several cloud based speech recognition platforms. Similarly, use Alexa Voice Services for a simple yet complete solution.

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