Scanner Launcher App For Warehouse Scanners

The starting point for any warehouse scanner is the launcher app running in the background. With our scanner launcher app you can turn your Android powered scanner into a solution tailored perfectly for your business.

The app replaces the preinstalled Android launcher with one that is perfectly tailored to a business’s needs. Furthermore, it will “brand” the scanner to your companies colors and logo.

App Launching

The primary job of any launcher app is to launch apps. It’s the underlying app on a mobile device that displays icons to runnable apps. Similar to a desktop on a computer. A company will define a list of apps to run and the app displays the icons accordingly. You can include other apps in addition to business app. For example, tools, camera and a web browser.

Upload Files To Server

Warehouse staff commonly need to take photos or build lists in an excel spreadsheet. But these files exist locally on the device. The scanner launcher will upload files to a predetermined location for later use. For example, to attach to an email or for records. Furthermore, a queue system allows for multiple files to be uploaded in a sequence.


Combined with a capable scanner such as the Zebra TC-51 which includes the ability to administer devices. Businesses will have fine grain control over how the scanner is used. Specifically, the ability to easily send apk installations to all devices in the field running the launcher. Not to mention on-the-fly updates that ensure continuous use of the device.

Server Side Administration

We’ve created an administration web app that will manage all your devices in one place. Basically it allows you a bird’s eye view on your devices all at once. A simple yet effective tool to push updates, control MOTD (message of the day), among several other things. This app communicates securely with the scanner launcher app.

Contact us for more details or how an app like this can tailored for your business.

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