AVS Android, A High Level Alexa SDK

Amazon Alexa is a smart speaker that is gaining traction by the month. To enhance the features of Alexa, Amazon has created a voice API for devices with speakers, a microphone and an internet connection. Meet Alexa Voice Services. However, using the SDK reliably can be difficult without a developer familiar with the ec-system. This is where the AVS Android SDK shines.

A small Toronto based company called UCIC contracted JB Software to create a solution that was easy to use yet flexible. Prototyping is common with Android so it made sense to target this mobile platform.

Use Cases

The SDK is meant to satisfy a number of use cases. Basically, it’s primary use is to turn Android powered devices into Alexa devices. Secondly, it makes creating a companion app very easy. For example, an app to help set up the target device or to send commands to it remotely. Thirdly, it helps create a visual front end for your existing Amazon Alexa devices.

Modular Design

The design of the AVS Android SDK is includes 3 separate modules. The core, components and UI. The core handles streaming voice to servers and processing actions. The components includes various feature interfaces such as wake word detection, recording audio, playback of audio and video. The UI module is simply the optional android resources to build out a great looking user interface.

Leveraging Android

Not only does the SDK abstract the complexities of AVS, it uses several Android features to enhance the app. For example, the SDK uses ExoPlayer for all playback. In addition, the SDK hooks into the Media Session interface for playback control. HTTP calls and action processing is all asynchronous. Not to mention the custom Android views and layouts.

Companies can use AVS Android for a licensing fee. It it available from UCIC. Contact us for more details.

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