BusinessVision Bridge API And Server Upgrade

Businesses commonly receive assets into their systems. However, these assets are not readily available to an accounting software. Not without a system integration. And without it, a business would spend countless hours receiving assets into two systems. This is the problem the BusinessVision Bridge API solves for Sage BusinessVision customers.

It’s a RESTful web API that bridges BusinessVision or BV with a company’s existing inventory solution. It’s written in .NET Core and runs on Windows and Linux. Though Windows may be the better choice since BV requires it.

What Exactly Does It Do?

Basically it exposes a bunch of HTTP endpoints for managing BV inventory. Parameters such as part number and serial number are sent to the API for insertion, updating or deletion. It will also fetch the details of an asset including invoice data. Detailed logs of all requests are kept. In addition all data is validated for security and data integrity.

Server Setup

BusinessVision uses Pervasive Workgroup SQL Engine. This installs onto Windows versions with just a couple extra packages. The two main features required to get everything going are file sharing and IIS. The BV data files go onto a file share. Sage recommends a Permanent Gateway configuration, as do we. IIS will serve up the API app. Of course this is the short version of the server setup.

Invaluable Benefits

For companies that the work with serialized inventory, a solution like this is invaluable because it eliminates the need for employees to enter data twice. As a result, it saves countless hours and removes human error from the asset input process. Furthermore, it can run along side the database on a company server.

BusinessVision Bridge API is available directly from JB Software. We also specialize in a robust BV install on a company domain.

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