HPE Inventory Manager For Tracking Off-Lease Assets

The HPE inventory manager is a large and in-depth Windows app. It’s purpose is to help HPE and iServe Inc. facilitate the tracking of end-of-lease assets. From time to time, HPE customers ships assets to iServe Inc. Workers receive, audit and add the asset to inventory. Basically, this apps purpose is to track all the info from off lease returns for accountability and reporting.

Inventory Management

This app is made for lab technicians to enable them to receive assets as easily and quickly as possible. Another software is responsible for automated auditing. Due to the volume of incoming assets, works must be able to enter data quickly. Once data entry is complete, the backend handles inventory counts and staging assets for sale. Most importantly, iServe Inc has fully logged the asset to satisfy chain of custody requirements.


The business intelligence aspect of the app matters greatly to both companies. As such, an in-depth reporting tool is a critical part of the app. The design of the HPE inventory manager allows for data to be exchanged across systems. As a result, workers can generate reports quickly and in real time.

Staying In Sync

Not only does the app exchange data between systems, it keeps the several databases in sync. In particular, making sure numbers are accurate in addition to several other checks. In particular, fetching invoice data to build reports.

This app is used by administration, employees and management.

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