Inventory App, The First Step To A Smart Warehouse

Given the opportunity, many warehouses would update their scanners in a heartbeat.  However it’s not always that easy, depending on the previous implementation and hardware. iServe Inc was in dire need of a replacement solution so they turned to JB Software for a modern and completely custom inventory app.

App Design

We designed the application like a typical client-server app whereby data is sent to the servers for processing. The job of the scanner app is to simply scan. And of course layout the information in a way the client wanted to see it. The design of the workflow allows workers to wake the app, enter a pin and begin scanning. As a result, scanning takes less time and all scans log the user ID and time.

Scanner Hardware

The app targets the Zebra TC-51 scanner which comes with a software API. This allows the inventory app to perform advanced scans such as scanning multiple barcodes, scan from a distance and chain scanning. Furthermore, this is possible with very little work to the app. The Zebra TC Series scanners are a great solution all around, particularly because they stay on top of OS updates. Using a newer version of Android allows us to develop the app using cleaner, more secure code.

Server Side Application

The inventory app securely sends requests to the server to process jobs. The application running on the server is a simple web server that handles JSON encoded requests and returns JSON responses. In other words, a RESTful API service. Changing location of assets, performing audits and adjusting quantity levels are jobs all handled by the server.

JB Software’s application development service helped iServe reduce cost and create much needed convenience in the warehouse.

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