iServe Inc Web Sites, Simple Static Web Design

The iServe Inc web sites project was brief. iServe Inc. tasked JB Software to redesign their web site before an advertising stint. They needed this quickly and more importantly, cost effectively. iServe Inc is company based out of Richmond Hill, Canada that provides reverse logistics and tech services in addition to warehouse space and office space.

In total, iServe Inc has 3 web sites, each with several services on separate domains. They wanted a consistent look and feel across all 3 sites but with different content. iServe required that we maintain each site independently such that content related requests came from 3 people.

Build Tools + Bootstrap Template

The iServe Inc web sites requirements were rather basic thus requiring a simple solution. Consequently, we had them choose a Bootstrap template then we began styling and coding a simple web site using content from their old sites. A modern development workflow meant coding the site would be quick. Grunt was used to automate the build process and a file watcher compiled code on the fly. Build tools made it possible move quickly.


For a cost effective and reliable hosting solution, we chose to serve the pages from an Amazon S3 bucket. This would be reliable and fast yet cost very little. This means no backend and less working parts, maintenance is simple and we could carry out changes quickly. Security is handled by the bucket policy and resources would be serve using Amazon’s CloudFront CDN. The entire solution’s ongoing costs are pocket change!

Our web design service is flexible and not reliant on any particular CMS. As the saying goes, “there’s many ways to peel an onion.”

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