UbiCC, The Convenient Way To Control Your Ubi

With the creation of the UbiCC mobile app, users can remotely control their Ubi devices from anywhere in the world. Taking convenience to the next level, this app boasts several bleeding edge technologies. Specifically, voice recognition and wake word detection. This is made possible with the use of open source libraries with limited capacity. However after countless hours of testing and tweaks the end result was very good.

Wake Word Detection

In order to wake up the app and begin streaming your speech to the cloud, users must say a certain word. For the Ubi it’s “Ok Ubi”. The use of PocketSphinx by CMUSphinx provides solid wake word detection. The project is one of Carnegie Mellon University’s open source libraries. This solution is, without a doubt, the most workable and viable.

Voice Recognition

The most robust way to recognize speech on the Android platform is through the Android SDK. As a result, UbiCC uses the Google Recognizer interface, enhanced by everyone’s ever-improving mobile devices. This creates a smooth user experience which is ideal in an evolving market. Afterwards, we turned the code for this feature into a library used on several projects.

Innovative Design

The layout is set up for ease of use while giving the users the info they want up front. We built custom Android Views to augment the new RecyclerView. In addition, the app feels smooth and sleek with the help of custom animations. The app later included the feature to use Ubi features without an actual Ubi. Furthermore the app could be used to send commands to your Ubi devices at home from anywhere in the world.

UbiCC is no longer available due to the closure of the Ubi project.

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