AVS Android Apps, A Quick Proof Of Concept

Upon the release of the AVS Android SDK several companies took part in the opportunity to create their own AVS Android apps. UCIC, the company behind AVS Android worked with JB Software to help companies get off the ground with Alexa Voice Services. We create barebones applications for dev teams to work with.

Ubi App

UCIC asked JB Software to create a boilerplate app, an app with structure but no content. Like a house after it’s been framed. Not only would this app be a starting point but with just enough code to show a demo.


The PhotoSpring is a digital picture frame. Basically a stripped down tablet that acts like a slideshow picture frame. The PhotoSpring team wanted to integrate AVS Android to create a rich user experience. In addition, they wanted the ability to setup the PhotoSpring device via voice. This proof of concept app sends Android Intents around to perform various actions.


Everex is a small Chinese startup that was looking to create a cheaper alternative to Alexa with a tablet. They were aiming for an Amazon Fire kind of tablet but for the Chinese market. The target tablets were low powered, they truly tested the leanness of the implementation.

It’s now easier than ever to create AVS Android apps. Contact Us today or visit UCIC‘s web site.

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