On Demand Streaming for Businesses

On demand streaming for businesses.
Setting up a private YouTube channel is not always viable for business. Especially larger business that want to take control of their assets. This is where on demand streaming f...

Primal Launcher SSO, IdP Server With UWP App

Primal Launcher SSO workflow for resource access.
A unified starting point for users in Windows domains. Primal Launcher SSO uses SAML and OAuth to securely access resources.

Scanner Launcher App For Warehouse Scanners

Scanner launcher home screen.
The starting point for any warehouse scanner is the launcher app running in the background. With our scanner launcher app you can turn your Android powered scanner into a soluti...

HPE SSO, Single Sign On With Shibboleth And ASP.NET

HPE SSO Product Demo login page.
HPE requires partners to implement single sign on for their employees. HPE SSO is a HPE's new login framework and successor to HPE Passport. Service providers can now authentica...

BusinessVision Bridge API And Server Upgrade

Sage Accounting logo.
A RESTful web API that bridges Sage BusinessVision with a company’s existing inventory solution. It’s written in .NET Core and runs on Windows and Linux.

Inventory App, The First Step To A Smart Warehouse

Inventory manager location fragment.
JB Software was contracted to create an inventory app that works with in conjunction with a backend application.

AVS Android Apps, A Quick Proof Of Concept

AVS android app - Ubi.
Upon the release of the AVS Android SDK several companies took part in the opportunity to create their own AVS Android apps. These proof of concept app formed the foundation for...

AVS Android, A High Level Alexa SDK

AVS Android SDK.
The SDK is meant to satisfy a number of use cases. Basically, it's primary use is to turn Android powered devices into Alexa devices. Secondly, it makes creating a companion app...

HPE Inventory Manager For Tracking Off-Lease Assets

HPE inventory manager app.
The HPE inventory manager is a large and in-depth Windows app is used to help HPE and iServe Inc. facilitate the provisioning of end-of-lease assets.

iServe Inc Web Sites, Simple Static Web Design

iserve inc web site screenshot.
iServe Inc has 3 web sites, each with several services on separate domains. They wanted a consistent look and feel across all 3 sites but with different content.

HPE Demo, A Reliable App To Manage Product Demos

HPE Demo.
Well known for their cutting edge, top notch servers, HPE has a demo program to allow potential and current clients to try product before a big purchase.

UbiCC, The Convenient Way To Control Your Ubi

UbiCC devices pages.
With the creation of the UbiCC mobile app, users can remotely control their Ubi devices from anywhere in the world. Taking convenience to the next level, this app boasts several...
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